Port of Flesh

Port of flesh

This slaver port was the idea of politicians from Myrindal (another floating realm) that needed a penal colony for their worst criminals. Over the years, the descendants of these unwanted convicts started their own town, which eventually grew into the haven of immoral activity it is today.

Anything you want or need, you can get in Port of Flesh. What may be illegal in Ransom or Verona is perfectly legal in Port of Flesh.

The Immovable Armada – Like rotting corpses stacked on one another, the derelict ships that make up the Armada protect the Port from any sea attacks. No one knows when this started, but whenever a ship is found unseaworthy, it is added somewhere on the sandbars outside the port.

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The Widow’s Arms – The Port’s dock is as great a marvel as their Armada. A complex system of winches, pulleys, dumbwaiters, and stairs – it designed to be able to load and unload ships as efficiently as possible despite the high cliffs that surround the area.

The Block – Immediately upon entering the city, you are greeted by The Block. This is where slaves are bought and sold. There are several huge platforms where slaves are sorted according to worth and abilities.

The Arena – Slaves that are particularly adept at combat may wind up here. Candros Thane is the arena boss and he is allowed first dibs on any combat ready slave. Slaves who enter the arena will know nothing but pain for the rest of their lives as they fight everyday, all for the amusement of others.

The Black Market – If you’re not looking for slaves, you will find it here. Weapons, armor, equipment, drugs, monsters, anything you’re looking for, the Market will have it.

The Slave Pens – This sad place is where slaves are kept until they are sold or if they are not sold they are stored here until it is decided what happens to them. The pens are nothing but open air cages that barely have standing room for the inhabitants.

Temple of Theria – A temple erected to the goddess of evil, Theria. Citizens of Brinedeep tithe to her in hopes that troubles will befall their enemies instead of themselves.

The Slums – The Slums house everyone in the Port who isn’t a slave or wealthy. There is no middle class in the Port. People are forced to stay here when they can not afford passage out of the port. Slavers regularly raid the slums for potential profits.

The Golden Crescent – This is the district next to pristine Lake Renier. Anyone of importance or wealth lives here.

Lake Renier – A large body of water that flows into Widow’s Bay. The lake is very deep and cold.

Toulson Waters – This marshy bog is home to many hungry creatures and is usually the death of any slave fortunate enough to make it out of the city.

Port of Flesh

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