Pirates of Brinedeep

First Adventure!

Port Larken
• Lost the ship, The Loose Cannon, to Evangeline. Captain Finneas Morgan lost it due to gambling debts
• Evangeline dumped you overboard
• Pulled out of the water by Hargast, who sends you on a mission to recover lost vial
• Track down vial on shipwreck of the Ivory Cutter, stolen by Kelplings
• Have to beat down unknown pirate crew on island, members of a mysterious unmarked ship
• Hargast gives you the Thunder Blow as reward
• Restock, repair The Thunder Blow
• Learn of treasure on Larken behind a waterfall
• Fight Mimic, get lots of gold, find a treasure map

Zombies, Zombies, Everywhere...

Hush Island
• Follow trade route, which is completely devoid of activity
• Follow treasure map to Hush Island, small fishing village
• All inhabitants turned into zombies but one boy, Samuel
• Foubert runs down beach screaming like a girl, blowing his panic horn
• Cut down zombies from your ship
• Samuel is recruited as cabin boy
• Fight necromancer, Thorne
• Get a evil bone fetish from Thorne that gives Gerard schpilkus
• Decide to bury said fetish cause it can’t be destroyed
• Find the treasure on the map, which is a Jolly Roger that looks like it has a secret message on it

Enter: Evangeline

Ransom Coast
• Run into the blockade, the reason there is no traffic on the trade route
• Foubert sneaks aboard one of the ships, learns that Evangeline is leading the blockade
• Uses a canon explosion to sink one of the ships and break through the blockade
• Arrive at Ransom, try to find Hargast
• Hear rumor of Black C Trading Company that has gotten shipments past 2 week blockade
• Hear rumor of random deaths in town somehow related
• Learned of Hargast’s location, rush to see him in the middle of the night
• Met by Geraldine (the maid) at the door, wake up a cranky Hargast
• Offers you thanks for breaking blockade, tells you Evangeline has been trying to take over
• Explains that Evangeline poisoned the Duchess, that is why they needed the vial of healing
waters asks you to keep an eye out for her agents in town
• Sandrine knows Black Sea Trading Co. as her former trading company, now run by Toven Black
• Foubert annoys Harbor Master Omar and gets some information regarding shipments that got
past blockade
• Group attempts to finesse their way in with the “Turnip Cart” ploy, fail miserably
• Foubert sneaks into Black’s office and steals secret ledger and eyeball
• Group memorizes some details from ledger to attempt to piece together shipments
• LC, BV, C, SB
• Blackwatch shipment coming in, Widow Cliffs shipment going out
• Foubert sneaks into Black’s office and returns secret ledger and eyeball, poops into loose floor
• Sandrine gets more information from H.M. Omar
• Five ships got through the blockade, no one ever heard of them or their captains
• One ship had crew from The Cuckold on it, which was a ship that Capt. Royce Fish lost to bad
times, no one has seen him since
• In 2 nights the Blackwatch shipment will be coming into port

Freeing the Slaves

Open Sea
• Group heads out to stop Blackwatch shipment from making it to port
• Run into The Cuckold, which is masked as The Daring Do and two other larger, unmarked
• Take out masts of other ships with mast cutters, do skill battle for control of The Cuckold
• Take 3 hostages, John Fowlers, Mary Dregg, and Carlos the Knife
• Group kills Carlos as an example to others
• The majority of the crew are servants bought in Widow Cliffs
• Jonas Fetter was the captain of the Cuckold under Evangeline
• Evangeline is working with Toven Black to take over leadership in Ransom, have been using
Evangeline’s “acquired” ships to pose as unknown traders to sneak things in and out of
• Group frees the other ship’s slave crews and take over the two crippled ships
• Slaves agree to go to Hush Island and be part of Team Thunder Blow
• Group drops slaves off on Hush with supplies, retrieve evil fetish
• Hide other boats away from view
• Boomer saw whale after leaving the slaves in Hush

Back In Ransom

Ransom Coast
• Hargast is waiting for crew when they come back with “reclaimed” trade goods
• Hargast informs the crew that Evangeline has blown up some important buildings in town,
lots of casualities
• Group inform Hargast of Black Sea working with Evangeline, John and Mary corroborate this
• Hargast asks for help stopping Black, but it can’t point back to him or the Duchess, offers
• Group agrees to take out Black
• Hargast gives group a name of a fence that they can sell “reclaimed” goods to, Jack Wren
• Jack Wren accepts goods, tells you to come back in a few weeks for the results
• Group is attacked by cultists, they seem to target Gerard
• Group kills all of the cultists but one
• Lt. Capt. Kendyll Howlings finds your group, she is the captain of the night watch
• Takes the remaining cultist into custody, tells you to come see her tomorrow night after the
watch has a chance to interrogate him
• Gerard remembers the symbolds on their uniforms as having to do with some death cult and
something to do with his cartography skills
• Foubert wants to get fancy clothes, wakes up tailor in the middle of the night, gets a fancy suit
for 300 gold (black crushed velvet tiny man suit)
• Group decides to buy a building near Black’s office
• Sandrine gets bitchin’ disguise made by Foubert and Boomer, creates alias of Griselle I.
• Rent a warehouse from Horace Boek, who has a grudge against Black for getting run out of
business, 400 gold for first month’s rent and security deposit
• Warehouse has offices that face Black’s property, stairs to a roof top, sewer exit that leads in
different directions from building
• Boomer made a poison dart trap (DF 29) for sewer grate
• Foubert stole Black’s ledger again, Boomer successfully duplicated it w/ Create Object, Gerard
successfully copied it with Education skill
• Group went back to Guard House to find out about the cultist
• Howlings told him 3 guards just died eating their evening meal
• Gerard investigated, it appeared to be a poisoning, took a sample
• Cultist hung himself in his cell, Jarek saw no signs of foul play
• Cultist had tattoo of a winged dagger with dripping blood
• Howlings interviews showed only ramblings about how his god would cleanse the souls of
• Group wanted to get on the sea again with information

The Bannister Girl

Open Sea
• Group hijacks large cargo vessel, formerly the Wanton Woman
• 9 crewmen on this ship
• All crewmen agree to sign on with the group except 2
• One is a hardass who turns out to be a Visceral, group decapitates him after he won’t succumb
to torture
• The other, Eddie, doesn’t know much except that Evangeline killed the original captain of the
ship, group kills him after he learns too much from them inadvertently
• Fine fabrics, threads, ivory, furs, spices, weapons, wines, spirits, illegal drugs (Flash)
• Flash is very addictive and easy to overdose on, group keeps some for possible poison use

• Drake Van Durgen is the old quartermaster of the Wanton Woman, agrees to be the harbor
master for Hush
• Van Durgen gives the group a shopping list for Hush to be able to redo their ships
• Van Durgen tells group about using the Scarlet Hen and Golden Goddess in Ransom as a way
to spread the word about Hush being cursed
• Also tells them to get wood from Blackwatch, but it will be expensive
• Group finds Verity Bannister in a secret hold, help nurse her back to health
• Verity is Eleanor’s daughter, she was kidnapped by Evangeline

Cultists in Ransom

• Verity returns to her family
• Hargast pays group 10k gold for returning Verity safely
• Hargast tells group that Evangeline is Eleanor’s daughter from a previous marriage
• Group receives note from Wren to come to his shop for payment, group gets 1,600 gold from
fenced goods
• Group wants to sell more goods with Wren, weapons, ivory, 1/2 of spirits, furs
• Wren asks group to make a delivery for him with a 20% payment for them
• Delivery is in Blackwatch to his contact Shanon Tattersail, stolen ingots with Ransom Stamp
• Gerard does more research into guard poisonings, Deathveil was used
• Gerard’s flashback of being in a religious building with an alter, Deathveil incense, chanting,
ugly statue and winged dagger symbol
• Howlings asks for his help into the other 2 guard deaths that happened, said she would get
him samples and visit the boat tomorrow

To Blackwatch!

• went to Blackwatch, met with the fence Shannon Tattersail
• wanted to buy wood, but it was all tied up for the King’s projects, and purchases were not
going through Shannon as they usually would
• Shannon introduced us to Seamus Moriarty, the court spy; he said the King’s top advisor
Nicholas Grant is “not himself” lately, been handing with a new member of the court Veda
• Sandrine used disguise (with bonus halfling bustle, and lack of personal dignity) to get into
court and talk to simpering fops, met Grant and pissed off Veda
• Veda is an evil oracle bitch working for Evangeline
• Wood is being kept under heavy guard in Keep/King’s private port
• Veda lit the marketplace on fire, we had an EPIC GRAPPLE FIGHT, then she escaped
• Moriarty helped group secure the wood shipment, made Foubert pee his pants by being super

Open Sea
• Boomer heard singing on the ocean, told crew it was sirens

Hush “Spooky Island”
• Dropped off wood shipment for harbor master
• Party worked at making the island “haunted”
◦ disguised The Daring Do as a ghost ship to patrol the island
◦ Boomer invented “chemical fog”, formaldehyde, chem lights
◦ made reefs, skeletons everyone, fog, green glow
◦ set up cannons on the port, put on rails so you can move them
◦ Boomer made a stink oil for Foubert

Storm Warnings!

• weather is very bad, seas are rough
• Mast breaks, sails are on fire
• Antwan Boyd injured, Wallace Bell dead
• Gerard prayed to his god, got a hot poker in his eye
• Natural lore roll, group landed in Ransom successfully w/o further injury or damage
• Foubert goes to warehouse to check on the crew left there (mostly he just wanted to see
• storm has lasted a week, people couldn’t evac it hit so fast
• Omen: Kurt saw ritual murders
• Group goes to find Guard Howling
• Killer named Ellis Malcom Reid confessed to starting the ritual
• Gerard went to interrogate him
• Summoned elementals after last ritual killing was done
• Ancient book Reid got the spell from is in an unknown language
• Group seeks out Simona Rosen, curiousity shop owner that might be able to help them
translate it
• Rosen is unable to translate but gives them a stone to locate the book’s duplicate
• Toven Black has the other book
• Foubert sneaks into Toven’s warehouse and finds translated version of the book
• Group fights two storm drakes in lighthouse, undo ritual and break up the storm
• Kendyll makes sure the group is rewarded by Hargast for stopping the storm
• Group spread Spooky Island rumors
• Toven picked up stakes, warehouse is empty
• 3 months of provisions are found in his warehouse
• Omar (Harbor Master in Ransom) hasn’t seen Toven leave port
• Group finds a secret pirate cove under Toven’s warehouse that he used to sneak out of town
• Group set sail for Terebellum to get cursed relic destroyed

Cleanse Your Taint!


  • Group arrives in Terebellum, is greeted by Grorst, an old paladin
  • He shows them to the Dread Citadel where his brother, Issachar is dread captain
  • Issachar and Dread Sister Colleen help the group to cleanse themselves of the dark magic that the relic from Thorne has created for them
  • Colleen takes them to the Chamber of Blessing and makes the PCs enter a dream state where they must battle their demons
  • The awake in an empty room that appears to be the same room they were just in, but when they leave the room, they are standing in front of a tavern
  • The tavern is filled with people they know from their adventures, crew members, enemies, etc
  • All the tavern patrons are surly and angry with them
  • When they attempt to leave the tavern, all patron turn into zombies and attack
  • After the tavern they enter a room with the table puzzle, group successfully figures out the puzzle (Candle)
  • Foubert sneaks into next room, discovers “Blood Stairs to the Death Room” as he called it
  • Thorne is in the room on a throne, attacks with her zombies
  • Group leaves Thorne’s temple room, and enters a thick jungle
  • They can smell the sea air so they search for the shore and find a large ship
  • They take the boat out into the ocean and are attacked by a Kraken
  • The group defeats the Kraken but their ship is destroyed, they have to swim to a nearby island
  • Nearby island has a church on it
  • Church looks beautiful on the outside, inside it is dark and has stained glass windows depicting Gerard’s dark misdeeds of the past
  • Stain glass windows are shattered by cultists breaking in, attack PCs
  • PCs exit church after the fight, find themselves in a carpenter’s workshop where they see the masthead of the Thunderblow
  • Masthead fights them, PCs prevail
  • Group wakes up in the Chamber of Blessing again, the evil magics are now gone from them, their crew and their ship

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