Goddess of Death, Corruption, Violence and Suffering


Theria is the daughter of the controller god. As such, she is a god herself, although not able to make and destroy on the level of her parent god. Theria is generally considered a goddess of death, corruption, violence and suffering. She is often worshiped by necromancers and those tainted by the abyss.

Theria’s history is a long one, and all of that history in Brinedeep relates to an elf named Altarean Hezrael. He established her cult in the Port of Flesh which allowed it to spread from there to all other cities.

When Altarean betrayed her and left her worship, it was a great blow to the goddess, as much of her power was invested in this abyssal cleric that she could not destroy herself. Since then, she has been making every effort to destroy him and sends her minions after him every chance she gets.

The greatest temple to Theria is found in Port of Flesh. Her new consort and champion, Tasos, resides there. When he will be sent after Altarean, now known as Gerard Luc Picard, is unknown.

Her holy symbol is a winged dagger dripping with blood.


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