Sandrine Laroux

Captain of The Thunderblow


Sandrine is an accomplished sword-fighter and businesswoman. She is in her late twenties, of average height, buxom, with fair skin and dark red hair. After losing her left eye, she replaced it with one made of glass, but still occasionally wears an eye-patch when it suits her purposes. In combat, Sandrine wields a cutlass in one hand, and a swordbreaker dagger in the other.


Sandrine Laroux was born in Port Ransom, the only child of middle-class goods traders. After her mother died when she was just an infant, Sandrine’s father, Bertrand, devoted himself to ensuring that his daughter would want for nothing, including the finest education he could afford. He also taught her everything he knew about trade, and it soon became clear that she had a natural talent for business.

Working alongside her father, Sandrine befriended his youngest employee, Toven Black, a poor orphan boy of her own age. The two became as close as brother and sister, and were rarely apart. Sandrine taught Toven to read and do sums, and he taught her to fight and how to sneak about the streets and quays of the city.

When Sandrine was seventeen, her father fell ill with a virulent wasting sickness. The best healers in Brinedeep could not cure him, even after the Larouxes heavily mortgaged against the family business to pay for every conceivable cure and treatment. When he died, Bertrand left Sandrine the remnants of his assets. She and Toven used this money to start their own trading company.

The pairing of Toven’s street smarts and Sandrine’s business sense made the trading company a rousing success, and in a few short years they moved operations to a large warehouse and office complex in a prime spot in Port Ransom. But as the coin rolled in, Sandrine and Toven began to disagree about how to run the company. Thus divided, they soon fell to squabbling over everything: what jobs to take, how to split their profits, even quarreling about each others friends and private lives .

The conflict came to an abrupt and violent end during a trading expedition to Port Larken. On the eve of securing the company‚Äôs biggest deal yet, one last shouting match ended when Toven and his bodyguards attacked Sandrine. In the wake of the brutal fight, Toven angrily plucked out Sandrine’s eye, and left her for dead. Back in Port Ransom, he seized her assets and sole control of the company. Toven spread the rumor that Sandrine had tried to cheat him, and used this story of her demise as a warning to any potential rivals. He prominently displayed his former partner’s eye in a glass jar on his desk as constant reminder that he was not a man to be crossed.

Against all odds, however, Sandrine did not die. The few coins in her pocket — the last bit of her former fortune — paid for her healing and convalescence. When her money ran out, she took the only decent job she could find in Port Larken: working as a mate on a pirate ship. Over the next few years, Sandrine crewed on several ships, in the process honing her fighting skills and regaining her strength. She built a reputation as a reliable and accomplished sailor, eventually rising to the position of Quartermaster of the Loose Cannon, and later Captain of The Thunderblow. But in spite of her new accomplishments, and her new-found love for the pirate’s life, Sandrine still keeps a meticulous ledger that details debts to be paid and vengeance yet to come, with one particular name listed first in every accounting.

Sandrine Laroux

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