Phinneas Morgan

The PCs old captain


Phinneas Morgan is a rather nondescript man. In his early 50’s, Captain Morgan’s weather and sun beaten face makes him look much older. He has a constant shadow of days old grey stubble on his face, and smells of cheap rum. He wears typical pirate garb, but if you look closely, you can see that it has been repaired many, many times and could probably use repair right now.

Captain Morgan wields twin pistols, but is more than capable of using the cutlass at his waist to defend himself.

Phinneas Morgan was the proud captain of the PCs former ship. Unfortunately, his gambling debts got the better of him, and he lost his ship to Evangeline.

The PCs left him penniless in a gambling hall on Port Larken.

Captain Morgan was in his late 50’s, with grey hair and a goatee. He wore traditional pirate garb. He was known to fight with a rapier and a pistol.

Phinneas Morgan

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