Jarek Smythe

Quartermaster for The Thunderblow


Jarek appears to be in his late twenties. He is of slightly above average height and is toned and well muscled. His hair is reddish brown that sometimes fades to a reddish blond in the summer months. His eyes are a piercing green. Jarek prefers to dual wield falchions in combat, but is not adverse to shooting someone in the face with a pistol if the moment calls for it.


Jerek Smythe does not know where he was born. He remembers very little of his childhood. Only that for a brief time he was happy. He remembers a beautiful woman with long, lustrous hair that fell in perfect ringlets of auburn. He remembers her laugh. How her green eyes seemed to sparkle when she laughed or smiled. He remembers her sweet voice lulling him to sleep on long dark nights when he was afraid to close his eyes. And, finally, he remembers how she cried as she put his hand in a large, strange man’s as she walked away with a small purse of coin. Her head bowed. Her shoulders trembling with her sobs. Into the darkness.

Jarek does remember the Port of Flesh. He spent a night and a day in a cage there. Fed on scraps and fetid water. He withdrew into himself and observed in detachment as his fate unfolded. The bidding for him was brisk and not without some drama. The owner of a brothel and a ship’s captain had both taken a fancy to owning him causing his price to soar. At the end of the bidding war the entrepreneur made the mistake of accosting the captain. The captain ended the altercation by drawing his cutless and quickly leaving a cut on the man’s cheek to remember him by.

“Ye are to be me cabin boy. Ye will be know as Jarek Smythe”

Those were Captain Redsky’s first words to Jarek. From then on he was a pirate. The captain was fair to Jarek but very strict. Jarek’s successes were met with quiet nod’s of approval and his failures with floggings. Jarek soon learned every aspect of being a sailer and a pirate. Some he excelled at. Others he was merely proficient at. There were none that he performed poorly.

Jarek was allowed complete freedom about the ship when he wasn’t performing his duties. However, when the ship made port he was shackled in the hold. It was Redsky’s way of lording over Jarek that he was property. This continued until he was around sixteen years of age when Redsky freed him. Jerek left the ship at the next port.

Jarek tried working odd jobs on land, but came to realize that he missed the sea. He also realized that being a pirate was something he was good at. He took up various positions on several ships for the better part of a decade. Going from ship to ship as the mood took him. During that time he gained a reputation for being a “pirate’s pirate.” Never a coward. Never afraid to spill blood. But never afraid to show mercy if the situation demanded it.

He now finds himself the quartermaster of the Thunder Blow. He likes his new captain, but finds something strangely familiar about her. His fellow officers all seem a bit strange, but manage to get the job done anyway. He has decided to stay with Thunder Blow. At least until he settles up with Evangeline.

Jarek Smythe

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