Jack Wren

One of the best fences in Brinedeep


Jack Wren would fall under the archetype of a Rogue.


Jack Wren is a slight man, with dark hair and dusky skin. Over his long dark hair, he wears a paisley printed scarf. He wears a dark shirt, open to the waist, with dark pants and knee high folded leather boots. He has a long dagger at his side at all times.

Wren works as a fence in Ransom’s Shadow Shore district. He is quite talented at moving illegal goods and has even found contacts with the Bannisters and Hargast. He also has contacts in other places such as in Blackwatch he is friends with Shanon Tattersail.

Wren has helped the PCs move some of their more “sensitive” cargo – illegal drugs and easily recognizable goods they acquired from Toven Black. He also helps them with info if they need it, and keeps an eye out for any goods they are looking for.

If Wren wishes to get into contact with the PCs, he will use street children to deliver a hand drawn picture of a bird. Jack is very protective of the street children and will help them if they are in need. Growing up on the streets without parents, Jack tries to look out for the young ones that were in his situation once.

Jack Wren

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