Kendyl Howlings

Ransom's Captain of the Day Watch


Kendyl has stats for a level 10 Champion w/ Warrior Abilities


Kendyl is around 5’6 with long dark hair that she wears in a braid. She wears splint mail and wields a sword and shield combo. Her shield has the crest of Ransom on it – a ship in full sail on a blue field, with a full sun on it to denote she is the Captain of the Daywatch.

Kendyl Howlings grew up in Ransom and loves her home town. She will do anything to keep order in her town, even though at times she feels overwhelmed by the many ne’er do wells that find themselves at home in her city.

Kendyl first met the PCs when they were attacked by cultists in the back alleys of Ransom. She arrested the cultist the group left alive and told the PCs they could come and talk to him if they’d like after the watch had a chance to interrogate him.

When Jarek and Gerard went to talk to the cultist the next day, they found the guard house in chaos. Three guards had just been poisoned by their evening meal and the cultist had hung himself. Everyone believed the two situations to be related, and Gerard agreed to take a sample of the poisoned food to study.

Gerard finds out that Deathveil was used to poison the guards, which can sometimes be related to cults. This plant, when burnt and used like incense, gives hallucinations and visions that many users believe are from their god. When ingested, such as the case of the guards, it is deadly poisonous.

Gerard tells Kendyl about his findings and learns of 2 more guard deaths. She gives him more samples.

When the group next sees Kendyl, she is protecting the prisoner Ellis Malcolm Reid. He confessed to ritual murders that have cursed Port Ransom with a never-ending storm. When the PCs uncovered the whole evil scheme was Toven Black’s and stopped the storm. Kendyl made sure Hargast heard of what the PCs did and that they were rewarded.

The PCs left Ransom again after that, and when they came back, discovered that Kendyl was the new Day Watch Captain. Gerard and Foubert stopped in to talk with her, and Gerard attempted to flirt with Kendyl but failed badly. The old Captain, Solomon Oldham, had apparently been poisoned as well. After he died, the poisonings stopped. The group did some snooping around and discovered that Oldham was running a protection racket, and this most likely resulted in his death. Someone he was squeezing for money had apparently had enough of him, and decided to stop him one way or another.

The group told Hargast about this, but chose not to inform Kendyl.

Kendyl Howlings

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