Augustus Hargast

Hargast basically runs Port Ransom, and sometimes gives the PCs quests or info.


Augustus Hargast the Third runs the daily politics of Ransom on behalf of Lady Bannister. He helped the players out by giving them their first ship in trade for their services retrieving an anti-poison for Lady Bannister.

He is a short man, only 5’2 and rather sensitive about it. He usually wears very nice suits and hats. He has dark slicked down hair and wears no facial hair.

Many other NPCs know him and are friends with him as well. Doctor Harry Jones, Guard Kendyll Howlings, and Jack Wren are all contacts of his. He has a man servant who is over 7 feet tall that follows him around much of the time but does not speak and doesn’t have a name that the PCs are aware of.

Augustus Hargast

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