Farnsworth is a not to be trifled with level 30 sorcerer.


When a powerful illusion was cast over the crowd at Victor Malice’s hanging, the old wizard Farnsworth was the only one able to see that Malice was actually a powerful red dragon. The PCs were standing nearby when they heard Farnsworth dottering. After a short exchange and mutual appraisal, the PCs agreed to visit Farnsworth at the Athenaeum for a business proposition.

Farnsworth was very excited to get his hands on Victor Malice’s corpse. Recognizing that the PCs were an enterprising bunch, he offered them a deal. He would give them a list of monster corpses he needed and they would be rewarded with hand crafted magical goods. Once they agreed, he gave them a rod of teleportation to quickly return the corpses to him (they needed to be fresh). The list is as follows -

  • Fire Ant Queen, Greater Witchwood Ent, Tidepool Dragon, Mimic, Dark Naga, Giant Centipede, Charian’s Hydra, Ranier’s Striped Dragon Turtle
  • Red Dragon “Captain Victor Malice”

Farnsworth did not say exactly what he needs the corpses for, only that he needed to prove his nemesis Ogden Wyrmstrom wrong

The group went to Claren’s Swamp outside Ransom and fought and killed the Claren’s Hydra. In return, Farnsworth is making them a teleportation device to get back and forth to Hush quickly.

Farnsworth is good friends with Hargast.

Although he is powerful, he is exceptionally lazy and likes to use the “I’m too old” excuse to get others to do things for him.


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