Main Antagonist for the PCs


Evangeline had level 20 rogue/warrior stats when the PCs first met her.


Evangeline is a human female in her early 30’s. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is fond of expensive clothing – silk shirts and jackets, soft leather boots, & elaborate tri-corn hats. She uses twin rapiers that have decorative hand guards on them.

She is the main antagonist for the players in Brinedeep. The players first meet in her Port Larken when she takes over ownership of their Captain’s boat. Since she doesn’t want the party to work for her, she has them attacked and dumps them into the ocean.

Evangeline was attempting to sell her younger half-sister, Verity, into slavery in the Port of Flesh. The crew foiled this plan and returned Verity to her mother.

It is known that Toven Black, another of the parties main enemies, works for Evangeline. What Evangeline’s finally plans for Ransom and Brinedeep are unknown.


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