Dr. Harry Jones

Why does it always have to be Halflings?


Dr. Harry Jones is always a Rogue at the same level as the PCs.


Dr. Harry Jones has been searching the Floating Realms for decades in an effort to find a cure for his father’s illness. So far, he hasn’t found anything except a lot of trouble.

Several of my PCs knew Dr. Jones from my previous campaign on the Floating Realm, Chizek. He was searching for the Fountain of Youth. He didn’t have any success but he did get caught by some very hungry halflings.

When Foubert found himself on Foomfa Island, he saw a scruffy, fedora wearing man in a cage. The man tried to tell Foubert that the halflings were nothing but trouble. When Foubert (and the other PCs) saw him next, he was hanging over the edge of Foomfa Island’s volcano.

Sandrine decided to help a handsome man in distress and saved him from his peril. He asked for a ride back to Ransom so he could meet up with his old buddy Hargast. Sandrine agreed, but Dr. Jones later accidentally offended her by saying he doesn’t hang out with her kind of people (he meant pirates, she thought, well, something else).

What Dr. Jones is doing now is anyone’s guess but he is more than likely still looking for a cure for his father.

Dr. Harry Jones

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