Crew of The Thunderblow

Your Faithful Crew!


The crew has many different archetypes they might fall under, although most fall under rogue or warrior.


The crew of the Thunderblow were also crew members under Captain Morgan. The PCs took the most capable of these to serve on their smaller ship.

Crew Manifest
Carlton Lassiter
Martinque Rubio – gunner, Santiago’s half sister
Santiago Ruiz – gunner, Martinque’s half brother
Efren Maddock
Constance Stone
Frances Barrow
Luther Bowen – stealthy
Antwan Boyd – injured in storm outside of Ransom
Sparkle Wheeler – gnome, stealthy
Marisol Silva – stealthy
Winston Graves – veteran pirate
Beryl Pruitt
Ricardo Vega
Buford the Bull – a newer crew member, about 8 feet tall, wide as three people and strong like bull, enjoys arm wrestling and smacking around Kelplings
Peter Kidd – a newer crew member, attractive and smart and he knows it, he knows a lot about the day to day workings of a ship, can be relied on to give direction to other crew members, PCs promote him to Bosun, and promote Foubert to “Master Assassin”

Billie Yates – died in a fight with another pirate ship
Wallace Bell – died in a dangerous storm and was killed by a broken mast

Crew of The Thunderblow

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