Carys "Boomer" Powderboom

Master Gunner of The Thunderblow


Boomer is 237 years old (older than most of the company she keeps, yet young for an Ogre) as Ogres are long-lived.

In her normal Ogre form, Carys is around 6’ tall and lean, with blue-teal eyes and sun-tanned skin (most of the time – when in the water she takes on a blue-teal skin color) and long flowing blue-teal hair. She has webbed hands and feet at all times. She can even sprout gill-like slits on the sides of her neck that allow her to breathe in shallow water without the aid of a breathing appaaratus.

She can change her looks at will … occasionally to be an otter. Otter is the Ogre clan to which she is member.

She usually wears a striped hankerchief over her head, and under her tri-cornered feathered hat. Her blue-teal hair has beads weaved throughout on smaller braids. One prominent bead is in the shape of a whale.

Because her family was so familiar with the water, they adapted to it by growing webbing and gills. It is now no longer an Ogre shape-changing trait. All members of the Otter Clan are born with these now (as was Carys). Because of this, she’s an amazing swimmer and diver, and very fast in the water (without taking the otter form).

She has tattooed her body as a living vessel to her Gods/Goddesses … she has a whale tattoo across her shoulders, as well as a wave symbol on her right upper arm. On her left upper arm she has an otter, the symbol of the “The Otter Way” and in essence, her father.

Carys is skilled with 2 flintlocke pistols, which she has named “Nerid” and “Nixie”, and her sabre, which she has named “Nymph”. She feels that her weapons have lives of their own and personalities, and therefore should have names.

As the Master Gunner and an Alchemist, she does like to mess with explosives, glitter and the occasional cannonball. Her nickname is “Boomer” since she likes to make things “go boom”, and because she is so completely accident prone. The captain even designated an area of the warehouse as Carys’s “Mad Science Lab”.

Carys is an aquatic animal loving (especially whales) nut-case. Everyone thinks she’s just a bit off center because she worships the whale God Nenamar as one of her deities. More recently she “spoke” to a baby whale that had gotten separated from his pod. The baby whale said that the Great Mother told her that Carys would help the baby get back to its pod. And, Carys did so by pleading with the Captain to turn the boat around, and the crew helped remove debris from an inlet to rescue the baby.

Carys feels incredibly blessed by this … the Great Mother had “recommended” her for this mission.

The Great Mother is actually a Goddess named Nemirana, Goddess of the Seas and Oceans of the Brinedeep Realm. Nemirana “owns" Nenamar – he is her pet and creation.

Nenamar is actually the first whale ever created. He is the father to all whales. He is ancient and wise. He knows the seas better than any other aquatic animal. He is an ancient creature, rarely seen. When he is seen, it is believed that he grants captains and their crews safe passage … if they leave him be; if they attack and he can escape them, he disappears and curses their travels at sea (often resulting in their death); he cannot be killed – so even when he is captured and/or killed, he returns in time.

Carys swears that she’s seen Nenamar 5 times in her life on the sea. Every time it has been quite literally a religious experience for her.


Carys has never been much of a pirate’s pirate, since she’s never been cutthroat or ruthless enough. She’s never been all about the loots. She’s got a good heart … a tender heart … and doesn’t care for bloodshed (especially when it comes to animals – any animals, not just aquatic). And she certainly was never about to slaughter someone just for money or greed. They would have had to do something incredibly bad for her to just run them through.

So, she seems to have some morals – especially with human trafficking (very opposed to slavery and mistreatment of those people); doesn’t like to traffick drugs either – but it’s a lesser of 2 evils. She also will not participate in whaling operations, for fear of being cursed by Nenamar.

Cross her clan and family, and it’s quite another matter. You will feel fear and trembling when faced with an angered Ogre.


Carys had a very normal life growing up Ogre. She came from a loving home. She was a happy child. She had a sweet mother, Marissan, and a kind but tough father, Captain Tichael (pronounced Tyk-hale), that both loved her very much. She even had an older brother, Seith (his current whereabouts are unknown) that was her best friend in the world. In fact, she had a huge extended family that was very close as well – grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. Growing up, Carys wanted for nothing. But, this “perfect” family is the reason that Carys wasn’t really pirate material. Sailing and being at sea, yes. But, cutthroat pirating … raiding … treasure hunting … looting and spoils … those were never taught to young Carys.

She was taught to care for the Clan … not an individual. The Clan came first.

Her father was captain of the ship “The Otter Way”. He taught Carys and her brother everything they knew about ships and sailing. Tichael worked for the clan, importing and exporting goods to and from the village legally as a means of survival. Carys and Seith were often taken along on the journeys just to get a feel for the sea and for sailing, and to get a taste for the trade. They were supposed to take over the business when Tichael wanted to retire. He wanted to believe that Carys would be a good sailor and businesswoman, but she never really was that focused. She was too much of a daydreaming sea-watcher. Since Tichael believed in the whale God Nenamar, he instilled this belief in his children. So, whenever Carys was at sea, her eyes scanned for the tail of the God she so longed to see.

Once during a storm, Tichael was knocked unconscious by some rigging and tossed overboard into the sea. A young Carys called out to the creatures of the sea and to Nenamar to save him. Sea turtles found him and brought him to the surface. Crew members were then able to revive him. Ever since, Carys has “believed” that she could communicate with sea creatures and that they were her allies. This was the only thing Carys ever thought she was good at: “speaking to aquatic animals”. Carys “thought” she could understand and communicate, through thoughts perhaps, with them. She could “hear” them from many miles away by land and from many miles under the ocean waves.

Besides that, Carys never really excelled at anything, but she always tried very hard. She has a low self esteem because of this “failure” to be good at anything in particular. Regardless, her father still encouraged her to become a sailor, as it was in the family blood. His father was a sailor. His grandfather was a sailor. As far back as her family tales were recorded, the family was at sea.

When Carys reached the summer of her 110th year, something devastating happened. It would set her life’s path.

Her father was set to return with a shipment for the clan. His ship “The Otter Way” was attacked, crippled, and boarded by “unknowns”. The Captain (her dad) was presumably killed because he wouldn’t surrender the boat, and then his body was thrown over board (lost at sea). A few crew members managed to escape when a huge pod of dolphins hit both ships, causing a jarring that knocked everyone around and distracted the attackers. The crew swam back to the port (they could swim well, even at sea, because they too were part of the Otter Clan.) One crew member remembers the pod following them until they made it back safely. He remarked through tears “it was a last favor to the Captain from Nenamar.”

Carys and her brother Seith both swore revenge. They would bring the ship back and take over for their father, to save the Clan. So, they each set out (separately) to discover what had happened to “The Otter Way”. Carys was sea-bound, just as her father always wanted.

She needed more training. She wanted to be the sailor her father always wanted her to be. But, she also wanted to be able to take out the scum that killed him. So, she sought out Masters in the Alchemical arts and in “pirating”.

She met Explosives Master/Alchemist Jharin Powderboom. He was standing on a pyrimid of barrels, directing his “normal sized” charges to load a ship for travel. For being a Gnome, he had an immense presence. Carys was immediately drawn to him.

Jharin took Carys as his apprentice and she sailed with him for many years. She learned how to swordfight, the ins-and-outs of armaments (specifically guns), and of course, Alchemy (specifically explosives). She was so destructive and her explosives were so impressive (when they actually worked and didn’t either destroy half the ship, fizzle miserably, or ignite her eyebrows) that Jharin “adopted” her into his family. And, that’s where she got the last name of Powderboom … not from her family, but from a pint sized Explosives Master.

The proud name of Powderboom (known in Gnomish realms as the creators of the “Boom Works Rocket Propulsion System” and "Powder Snap Flash Bombs” – both items were hot sellers) was always passed on to any race worthy it.

In truth, the Gnome was in love with the lanky Ogress. But, he could never tell her or show her because he was her teacher. He felt, even though she was technically older than him that it was inappropriate for a teacher to fall in love with his student.

Unbeknownst to Jharin, Carys was in love with him as well. She was glad to have his last name, although she wished she had gained it in a far different way.

Nothing ever became of this unrequited love. Carys learned to be an Alchemist and parted ways with her friend and mentor, Jharin Powderboom. His whereabouts are unknown to her.

She was taken as a gunner by Captain Sandrine, who first called her “Boomer”. She is now secretly trying to find her father’s ship and the bastards who stole it and “killed him”. She fears what will happen if she ever finds them. But, whatever the outcome, they brought it upon themselves.

Carys "Boomer" Powderboom

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