Eleanor Bannister

Governess for Port Ransom


In her younger days, Eleanor Bannister nee Valmont, was quite the roguish character. Although time and old age have dulled her skills somewhat, in her heyday she had level 25 rogue stats.


Eleanor Valmont was born on Myrindal. When she was a young girl, her family moved to Port Ransom to set up a shipping business. The untamed nature of the citizenry of Brinedeep quickly rubbed off on Eleanor. By her late teens she was already going on adventures from one end of Brinedeep to the other. When she was nineteen she met Andrew Deas, who was a friend of a friend. They hit it off and had a brief relationship which resulted in Eleanor becoming pregnant with her first child, Evangeline.

Eleanor attempted to be responsible with her new child, and went back to her family home in Ransom. She worked at her father’s shipping business for a few years. When she met Guy Bannister, a brash young warrior who was providing security for some cargo, they fell in love immediately. Guy couldn’t be tied down and he brought out Eleanor’s adventurous spirit again. He wanted Eleanor to come with him, but his life was no place for a child. Eleanor reluctantly left her daughter, now 4 years old, with her parents. And off they went, raiding ancient ruins and fighting vicious monsters.

Through the years, Eleanor and Guy had 3 children, Silas, Marius, and Verity. Guy didn’t want to lose time with his children, so the children remained on the road with them. During one adventure, Silas was nearly killed by a rabid Witchwood wolf. Eleanor put her foot down and demanded they head back to Ransom.

Eleanor again began working for her father but Guy was despondent without constant excitement. When his father-in-law suggested that Guy volunteer for the guard, Guy took his advice. There were enough criminals to chase down in Ransom to keep Guy busy. Guy dedicated his energy to making Ransom a safer place to live.

Eleanor, meanwhile, attempted to reconnect with her oldest child, Evangeline. Evangeline, now a teenager, would have nothing to do with her mother and despised her new “father”. Evangeline left the family home soon after their arrival and never returned.

Guy quickly rose through the ranks of the guard, and society. Beloved by the citizenry, he was appointed Govern of Ransom and surrounding areas.

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Eleanor Bannister

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