Pirates of Brinedeep

To Blackwatch!

• went to Blackwatch, met with the fence Shannon Tattersail
• wanted to buy wood, but it was all tied up for the King’s projects, and purchases were not
going through Shannon as they usually would
• Shannon introduced us to Seamus Moriarty, the court spy; he said the King’s top advisor
Nicholas Grant is “not himself” lately, been handing with a new member of the court Veda
• Sandrine used disguise (with bonus halfling bustle, and lack of personal dignity) to get into
court and talk to simpering fops, met Grant and pissed off Veda
• Veda is an evil oracle bitch working for Evangeline
• Wood is being kept under heavy guard in Keep/King’s private port
• Veda lit the marketplace on fire, we had an EPIC GRAPPLE FIGHT, then she escaped
• Moriarty helped group secure the wood shipment, made Foubert pee his pants by being super

Open Sea
• Boomer heard singing on the ocean, told crew it was sirens

Hush “Spooky Island”
• Dropped off wood shipment for harbor master
• Party worked at making the island “haunted”
◦ disguised The Daring Do as a ghost ship to patrol the island
◦ Boomer invented “chemical fog”, formaldehyde, chem lights
◦ made reefs, skeletons everyone, fog, green glow
◦ set up cannons on the port, put on rails so you can move them
◦ Boomer made a stink oil for Foubert



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