Pirates of Brinedeep

The Sea Temple

  • PCs set off for Port of Flesh
  • Sandrine and Gerard did research into locations of some of the monsters on Farnsworth’s list – discovered that Tide Pool Dragon was in the Stormwell
  • Once they reached the open ocean, their ship came to a sudden stop even though wind and sea conditions were favorable
  • PCs discovered that Nenamar, the giant whale pet of the elvish sea goddess Nemarina, had stopped their ship
  • As the PCs are investigating this, Nemarina appears on the deck of their ship and asked them for help
  • Nemarina tells the PCs of a sea hag, Anemoleth, that had taken over her temple. She asks the PCs to help clear her temple of the hag and her followers. Drained of her powers by lack of a central temple, she uses the last of her energies to cast an enchantment over the party so they can reach the under sea temple
  • Jarek Smythe says the PCs will help if the Thunderblow is made unsinkable
  • PCs fight several battles in the temple against deformed and disfigured sea creatures
  • PCs reach the inner sanctum to fight Anemoleth. Anemoleth is a powerful mystic and could use teleportation and psionics.
  • The battle was a difficult one – Gerard Luc Picard was badly wounded and almost died
  • Foubert ended the battle with epic stabbing
  • Nemarina entered into the temple as the party was exiting and rewarded Boomer with a “baby tooth” from Nenamar that would grant her the Omen and Heroic Surge Talents



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