Pirates of Brinedeep

The Gloaming

  • crew visits Farnsworth at his tower in the Athenaeum. Farnsworth provides them with maps for three of Victor Malice’s suspected haunts
  • Gerard gets hit on the head with a falling book, has a strange memory come back to him, leaves suddenly
  • Farnsworth wants these eight mystical creatures captured: Fire Ant Queen, Greater Witchwood Ent, Tidepool Dragon, Mimic, Dark Naga, Giant Centipede, Charian’s Hydra, Ranier’s Striped Dragon Turtle. He provides the party with a wand of teleportation that has eight charges on it. Party must kill creature and then use the wand to teleport it to Farnsworth’s lab. He will reward the party with a magical item for each creature he receives.
  • Gerard’s recovered memory: every thirteen years, the Gloaming (an eclipse) happens for sixty-two hours; Therian cultists perform a ritual, centered in Port Ransom, to raise the dead during the Gloaming, harvesting abyssal magic.
  • Gerard visits Kendall to warn her about ritual; she is skeptical but promises to ready the guard.
  • Foubert visits whorehouses to see if anyone has noticed any strange cultists, whores are skeptical and throw him out
  • Jarek and Sandrine visit Hargast to warn him about ritual, he tells them cultists are likely based out of Shadow Shore
  • Whole group goes to Shadow Shore, visits Jack Wren to ask him about any strange happenings; Wren says people have been going missing from the Outs, advises group to check sewers. Party warns Jack about the ritual, Jack promises to keep his urchins in for the evening
  • As the group leaves Wren’s shop, Jarek spots a man sneaking in the shadows behind them; they try to create a distraction so that Foubert can sneak and see who it is, but the stranger notices Foubert missing from the group and takes off running; after an elaborate chase sequence, the group chases the mysterious figure into the tunnels beneath a warehouse, fights a group of cultists and chemists.
  • Party frees two-dozen hostages from a locked room in the dungeons; one young girl thanks them, and promises them a free reading at her parents’ shop, Madam Occula’s
  • last room of dungeon is a shrine to Theria, complete with statue. Waiting in this room is Vikos Kembari, one of Gerard’s old rivals from his time with Theria. Gerard and Vikos spar verbally, then Vikos attacks with more cultists and chemists. Epic fight, Gerard kills Vikos. Party destroys statue and defiles temple.
  • Group goes to Governess’ Mansion (drippings with goo from fight), are shown to patio by Geraldine. Gloaming rolls in while they wait. Hargast shows up, offers each party member a boon for saving city:
  • Foubert asks for a title and land, is granted the lands and mansion of a recently-deceased noble
  • Sandrine asks for all of Toven Black’s holdings in Port Ransom
  • Gerard asks for a full set of elven chain-mail
  • Boomer asks for a favor to be granted at a later date of her choosing
  • Smythe asks for a magical item, receives a Tome of Strength
  • Foubert visits his new fancy mansion: lands are neglected and overgrown, mansion is neglected and in need of a cleaning
  • Sandrine visits Toven’s residence, which is the house she grew up in and lived in before Black stole it. Decor is very tacky, decorated with many portraits of Toven, including one of him, shirtless, saving a busty redhead from a dragon, which hangs in his bedchamber. In the attic, Sandrine finds an old portrait of her father, that used to hang in the entryway of the house.
  • Party visits The Speckled Pony to celebrate their good fortune. They are approached by a woman in red armor, who introduces herself as Olena, claims to be a famous rogue, and asks to hire the group to help with a heist in the Holy Hill district. Group is split on what to do: Sandrine doesn’t trust Olena, who gets offended and leaves. Foubert follows her, Jarek follows Foubert. Gerard talks Sandrine into taking the job, but by the time they leave the bar to go talk to her, she has vanished.
  • Group ventures to the Claren’s Marsh, to kill a hydra. Hydra is slain, and is teleported back to to Farnsworth with the wand. Party returns to Farnsworth to collect their reward. While they are discussing the reward, Farnsworth casts silence on Foubert. Eventually, the group decides to ask for a two-way teleportation mirror, with the intention of leaving one end on Hush Island. Farnsworth tells them it will take him three days to create such a device, and to return then to pick it up.
  • A rumor is heard: during the night an astrolabe was stole from the Holy Hill tomb of Grimauld, the famous explorer who discovered Brinedeep.
  • As the group returns to their ship, Peter Kidd approaches the captain, and informs her that her cabin has been broken into. None of the watch or the other crew saw anything. Items stolen were Sandrine’s personal store of liquors, the crate of Flash, and a pirate flag the crew recovered from the treasure trove outside Port Larken.
  • Sandrine and Gerard go to guard headquarters to report the theft to Captain Howlings. After more awkward flirting, Kendyl brings Sandrine into her office, makes Gerard wait outside. Gerard tries to listen at the door, but is chased off by a guard. Sandrine relays details of the theft to Kendyl, also tells her of previous meeting with Olena.
  • Group visits Jack Wren, looking for info on thefts/Olena; Jacks tells them an old pirate legend of the Hell’s Heart, a powerful/invulnerable ghost ship. Hell’s Heart can be summoned from the Maelstrom with a ritual that needs several relics from the old ship: the ship’s clock, astrolabe, flag, wheel, and a cat o’ nine tails. Jack hasn’t moved any goods from the theft, promises to keep an eye out for crew’s stolen goods.
  • Party visits Madam Occula’s for their free psychic reading. Everyone gets their cards read, except for Foubert who instead asks for a chicken dinner.



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