Pirates of Brinedeep

The Bannister Girl

Open Sea
• Group hijacks large cargo vessel, formerly the Wanton Woman
• 9 crewmen on this ship
• All crewmen agree to sign on with the group except 2
• One is a hardass who turns out to be a Visceral, group decapitates him after he won’t succumb
to torture
• The other, Eddie, doesn’t know much except that Evangeline killed the original captain of the
ship, group kills him after he learns too much from them inadvertently
• Fine fabrics, threads, ivory, furs, spices, weapons, wines, spirits, illegal drugs (Flash)
• Flash is very addictive and easy to overdose on, group keeps some for possible poison use

• Drake Van Durgen is the old quartermaster of the Wanton Woman, agrees to be the harbor
master for Hush
• Van Durgen gives the group a shopping list for Hush to be able to redo their ships
• Van Durgen tells group about using the Scarlet Hen and Golden Goddess in Ransom as a way
to spread the word about Hush being cursed
• Also tells them to get wood from Blackwatch, but it will be expensive
• Group finds Verity Bannister in a secret hold, help nurse her back to health
• Verity is Eleanor’s daughter, she was kidnapped by Evangeline



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