Pirates of Brinedeep

Storm Warnings!

• weather is very bad, seas are rough
• Mast breaks, sails are on fire
• Antwan Boyd injured, Wallace Bell dead
• Gerard prayed to his god, got a hot poker in his eye
• Natural lore roll, group landed in Ransom successfully w/o further injury or damage
• Foubert goes to warehouse to check on the crew left there (mostly he just wanted to see
• storm has lasted a week, people couldn’t evac it hit so fast
• Omen: Kurt saw ritual murders
• Group goes to find Guard Howling
• Killer named Ellis Malcom Reid confessed to starting the ritual
• Gerard went to interrogate him
• Summoned elementals after last ritual killing was done
• Ancient book Reid got the spell from is in an unknown language
• Group seeks out Simona Rosen, curiousity shop owner that might be able to help them
translate it
• Rosen is unable to translate but gives them a stone to locate the book’s duplicate
• Toven Black has the other book
• Foubert sneaks into Toven’s warehouse and finds translated version of the book
• Group fights two storm drakes in lighthouse, undo ritual and break up the storm
• Kendyll makes sure the group is rewarded by Hargast for stopping the storm
• Group spread Spooky Island rumors
• Toven picked up stakes, warehouse is empty
• 3 months of provisions are found in his warehouse
• Omar (Harbor Master in Ransom) hasn’t seen Toven leave port
• Group finds a secret pirate cove under Toven’s warehouse that he used to sneak out of town
• Group set sail for Terebellum to get cursed relic destroyed



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