Pirates of Brinedeep


Open Sea

  • A violent storm hits the boat and it is hours before you make land fall. The ship has taken quite a bit of damage.
  • The PCs stay on the beach to repair the ship which will take a few days
  • Watch report that there are wild halflings living on the island
  • Foubert sneaks out to meet with this fellow halflings
  • They take Foubert to their village where he sees they worship a god of many ears, Foomfa
  • Foubert meets their leader Tago Vuruntha, a strange man who wants Foubert to leave the island immediately
  • Tago is not a wild halfling and is using these people as his power base to live a pampered lifestyle as their chieftain
  • Foubert sees Dr. Harry Jones, explorer extraordinaire, tied up in a cage in the village
  • Jones is going to be sacrificed to their volcano by order of Tago
  • Foubert goes back to the ship, explains the situation on the island and wants help freeing “his people”
  • Foubert gets his ear necklace out, has Boomer make him some body glitter and becomes their god Foomfa
  • Foubert easily dupes the wild halflings who believe him to be their god
  • Foubert & PCs battle Giant Centipedes on their way up to the volcano
  • At the volcano, Tago reveals himself to be a Rakshasa who took the form of a halfling to live with these people
  • Group kills him, frees Dr. Jones and agrees to give him a ride back to Ransom


Pfft, The Score brothers. Those guys are jerks.


Your disdain for their synthesized rhythms will bite you in the ass in the end!


Don’t I know it. And that just makes them even BIGGER jerks.

(And I totally meant to comment on the log above this one. Oh well, my mockery still stands.)


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