Pirates of Brinedeep

Return to Ransom


  • Group buys new gear immediately upon return to Ransom
  • Warehouse check – everything is quiet in Ransom
  • Rotate out the crew in the warehouse, put in new members since the old ones have been there so long
  • Sent message to Hargast asking for a meeting
  • Group spread more rumors about Spooky Island
  • Group learned that Kendyl Howlings is the new Daywatch Captain, the old one – Solomon Oldham – died from poisoning
  • Group learned that a Captain Victor Malice is going to be executed tomorrow for piracy against Ransom, but he has never revealed the location of his secret trove
  • Gerard “Gerry” has an epic flirt fail with Kendyl when he tries to learn more about Oldham’s death
  • Gerard looks into deathveil herb/cultist link
  • Boomer sets up a workshop in Toven’s old warehouse so she doesn’t burn the ship down to the waterline
  • Foubert learned that Oldham was running a protection racket with businesses around Ransom, most likely the reason he was killed
  • Group decides to resurrect Malice once he is killed and then find out where his treasure is
  • Foubert snuck into jail to talk to Victor Malice, totally boned his mission, Malice didn’t want to be saved since he was the one that handed himself in
  • Sandrine and Gerard go to the hanging the next day to see what is up
  • Farnsworth, the wizard, tells them that just as he is about to be hung, Malice transformed into a dragon and flew off
  • No one else saw it happen – group learns that Malice must have cast an illusion over the crowd but Farnsworth is so old and crusty of a magi that he resisted the spell
  • Group met with Hargast at midnight
  • Northern ports not sending out news as often as before
  • Hargast gave the group a mission – Silas Bannister, the oldest son of Eleanor, is still alive. He was sold into slavery by Evangeline and its believed he’s still alive in the Port of Flesh.
  • As the group heads back to their boat for the evening, they are attacked by a group of cultists
  • They’re after Gerard, they have been told by Theria (his goddess) that Gerard needs to die
  • Gerard is the avatar of Theria and she wants her power back
  • Group is going to take him to Port of Flesh and sell him into slavery there as punishment for being a dumbass cultist



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