Pirates of Brinedeep

I Ran, I Ran So Far Away...

Open Ocean

  • Boomer hears a child’s voice on the ocean asking for help
  • Leads them to a stranded whale calf who was trapped in a cove by the storm
  • Calf tells Boomer that the Great Mother told her to ask Boomer for help
  • Group frees the calf and she returns to her pod
  • Group harvests some lumber from the island for Hush


  • Group checks in on Hush Island
  • Recruit two new members, Peter Kidd and Buford the Bull
  • All is well on Hush but watchmen report a salvage ship passing close to the island

Open Ocean

  • PCs head back to Ransom, meet the salvage ship on the way out
  • The ship, The Flock of Seagulls, is in the area to raise up the wreckage of The Coup de Grace
  • Brothers Alastair and Mike Score are co-captains of this vessel
  • They keep getting attacked by Kelplings when they try to raise the ship
  • They want help getting the wreckage off the sea floor, they aren’t fighters
  • They set terms of 50/50 split on treasure from the wreckage
  • The Score brothers start pulling up wreckage, PCs fight off waves of Kelplings
  • The group nets a large group of Kelplings, while PCs are fighting other Kelplings, Buford bludgeons netted Kelplings with his club
  • Mating pair of Kelplings were using the wreckage as a nesting spot, group destroys eggs
  • Group tries to rip off Score Brothers, they get told off and are only given a treasure map and 5k gold



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