Pirates of Brinedeep

Cultists in Ransom

• Verity returns to her family
• Hargast pays group 10k gold for returning Verity safely
• Hargast tells group that Evangeline is Eleanor’s daughter from a previous marriage
• Group receives note from Wren to come to his shop for payment, group gets 1,600 gold from
fenced goods
• Group wants to sell more goods with Wren, weapons, ivory, 1/2 of spirits, furs
• Wren asks group to make a delivery for him with a 20% payment for them
• Delivery is in Blackwatch to his contact Shanon Tattersail, stolen ingots with Ransom Stamp
• Gerard does more research into guard poisonings, Deathveil was used
• Gerard’s flashback of being in a religious building with an alter, Deathveil incense, chanting,
ugly statue and winged dagger symbol
• Howlings asks for his help into the other 2 guard deaths that happened, said she would get
him samples and visit the boat tomorrow



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