Pirates of Brinedeep

Cleanse Your Taint!


  • Group arrives in Terebellum, is greeted by Grorst, an old paladin
  • He shows them to the Dread Citadel where his brother, Issachar is dread captain
  • Issachar and Dread Sister Colleen help the group to cleanse themselves of the dark magic that the relic from Thorne has created for them
  • Colleen takes them to the Chamber of Blessing and makes the PCs enter a dream state where they must battle their demons
  • The awake in an empty room that appears to be the same room they were just in, but when they leave the room, they are standing in front of a tavern
  • The tavern is filled with people they know from their adventures, crew members, enemies, etc
  • All the tavern patrons are surly and angry with them
  • When they attempt to leave the tavern, all patron turn into zombies and attack
  • After the tavern they enter a room with the table puzzle, group successfully figures out the puzzle (Candle)
  • Foubert sneaks into next room, discovers “Blood Stairs to the Death Room” as he called it
  • Thorne is in the room on a throne, attacks with her zombies
  • Group leaves Thorne’s temple room, and enters a thick jungle
  • They can smell the sea air so they search for the shore and find a large ship
  • They take the boat out into the ocean and are attacked by a Kraken
  • The group defeats the Kraken but their ship is destroyed, they have to swim to a nearby island
  • Nearby island has a church on it
  • Church looks beautiful on the outside, inside it is dark and has stained glass windows depicting Gerard’s dark misdeeds of the past
  • Stain glass windows are shattered by cultists breaking in, attack PCs
  • PCs exit church after the fight, find themselves in a carpenter’s workshop where they see the masthead of the Thunderblow
  • Masthead fights them, PCs prevail
  • Group wakes up in the Chamber of Blessing again, the evil magics are now gone from them, their crew and their ship



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