Pirates of Brinedeep

The Sea Temple
  • PCs set off for Port of Flesh
  • Sandrine and Gerard did research into locations of some of the monsters on Farnsworth’s list – discovered that Tide Pool Dragon was in the Stormwell
  • Once they reached the open ocean, their ship came to a sudden stop even though wind and sea conditions were favorable
  • PCs discovered that Nenamar, the giant whale pet of the elvish sea goddess Nemarina, had stopped their ship
  • As the PCs are investigating this, Nemarina appears on the deck of their ship and asked them for help
  • Nemarina tells the PCs of a sea hag, Anemoleth, that had taken over her temple. She asks the PCs to help clear her temple of the hag and her followers. Drained of her powers by lack of a central temple, she uses the last of her energies to cast an enchantment over the party so they can reach the under sea temple
  • Jarek Smythe says the PCs will help if the Thunderblow is made unsinkable
  • PCs fight several battles in the temple against deformed and disfigured sea creatures
  • PCs reach the inner sanctum to fight Anemoleth. Anemoleth is a powerful mystic and could use teleportation and psionics.
  • The battle was a difficult one – Gerard Luc Picard was badly wounded and almost died
  • Foubert ended the battle with epic stabbing
  • Nemarina entered into the temple as the party was exiting and rewarded Boomer with a “baby tooth” from Nenamar that would grant her the Omen and Heroic Surge Talents
The Gloaming
  • crew visits Farnsworth at his tower in the Athenaeum. Farnsworth provides them with maps for three of Victor Malice’s suspected haunts
  • Gerard gets hit on the head with a falling book, has a strange memory come back to him, leaves suddenly
  • Farnsworth wants these eight mystical creatures captured: Fire Ant Queen, Greater Witchwood Ent, Tidepool Dragon, Mimic, Dark Naga, Giant Centipede, Charian’s Hydra, Ranier’s Striped Dragon Turtle. He provides the party with a wand of teleportation that has eight charges on it. Party must kill creature and then use the wand to teleport it to Farnsworth’s lab. He will reward the party with a magical item for each creature he receives.
  • Gerard’s recovered memory: every thirteen years, the Gloaming (an eclipse) happens for sixty-two hours; Therian cultists perform a ritual, centered in Port Ransom, to raise the dead during the Gloaming, harvesting abyssal magic.
  • Gerard visits Kendall to warn her about ritual; she is skeptical but promises to ready the guard.
  • Foubert visits whorehouses to see if anyone has noticed any strange cultists, whores are skeptical and throw him out
  • Jarek and Sandrine visit Hargast to warn him about ritual, he tells them cultists are likely based out of Shadow Shore
  • Whole group goes to Shadow Shore, visits Jack Wren to ask him about any strange happenings; Wren says people have been going missing from the Outs, advises group to check sewers. Party warns Jack about the ritual, Jack promises to keep his urchins in for the evening
  • As the group leaves Wren’s shop, Jarek spots a man sneaking in the shadows behind them; they try to create a distraction so that Foubert can sneak and see who it is, but the stranger notices Foubert missing from the group and takes off running; after an elaborate chase sequence, the group chases the mysterious figure into the tunnels beneath a warehouse, fights a group of cultists and chemists.
  • Party frees two-dozen hostages from a locked room in the dungeons; one young girl thanks them, and promises them a free reading at her parents’ shop, Madam Occula’s
  • last room of dungeon is a shrine to Theria, complete with statue. Waiting in this room is Vikos Kembari, one of Gerard’s old rivals from his time with Theria. Gerard and Vikos spar verbally, then Vikos attacks with more cultists and chemists. Epic fight, Gerard kills Vikos. Party destroys statue and defiles temple.
  • Group goes to Governess’ Mansion (drippings with goo from fight), are shown to patio by Geraldine. Gloaming rolls in while they wait. Hargast shows up, offers each party member a boon for saving city:
  • Foubert asks for a title and land, is granted the lands and mansion of a recently-deceased noble
  • Sandrine asks for all of Toven Black’s holdings in Port Ransom
  • Gerard asks for a full set of elven chain-mail
  • Boomer asks for a favor to be granted at a later date of her choosing
  • Smythe asks for a magical item, receives a Tome of Strength
  • Foubert visits his new fancy mansion: lands are neglected and overgrown, mansion is neglected and in need of a cleaning
  • Sandrine visits Toven’s residence, which is the house she grew up in and lived in before Black stole it. Decor is very tacky, decorated with many portraits of Toven, including one of him, shirtless, saving a busty redhead from a dragon, which hangs in his bedchamber. In the attic, Sandrine finds an old portrait of her father, that used to hang in the entryway of the house.
  • Party visits The Speckled Pony to celebrate their good fortune. They are approached by a woman in red armor, who introduces herself as Olena, claims to be a famous rogue, and asks to hire the group to help with a heist in the Holy Hill district. Group is split on what to do: Sandrine doesn’t trust Olena, who gets offended and leaves. Foubert follows her, Jarek follows Foubert. Gerard talks Sandrine into taking the job, but by the time they leave the bar to go talk to her, she has vanished.
  • Group ventures to the Claren’s Marsh, to kill a hydra. Hydra is slain, and is teleported back to to Farnsworth with the wand. Party returns to Farnsworth to collect their reward. While they are discussing the reward, Farnsworth casts silence on Foubert. Eventually, the group decides to ask for a two-way teleportation mirror, with the intention of leaving one end on Hush Island. Farnsworth tells them it will take him three days to create such a device, and to return then to pick it up.
  • A rumor is heard: during the night an astrolabe was stole from the Holy Hill tomb of Grimauld, the famous explorer who discovered Brinedeep.
  • As the group returns to their ship, Peter Kidd approaches the captain, and informs her that her cabin has been broken into. None of the watch or the other crew saw anything. Items stolen were Sandrine’s personal store of liquors, the crate of Flash, and a pirate flag the crew recovered from the treasure trove outside Port Larken.
  • Sandrine and Gerard go to guard headquarters to report the theft to Captain Howlings. After more awkward flirting, Kendyl brings Sandrine into her office, makes Gerard wait outside. Gerard tries to listen at the door, but is chased off by a guard. Sandrine relays details of the theft to Kendyl, also tells her of previous meeting with Olena.
  • Group visits Jack Wren, looking for info on thefts/Olena; Jacks tells them an old pirate legend of the Hell’s Heart, a powerful/invulnerable ghost ship. Hell’s Heart can be summoned from the Maelstrom with a ritual that needs several relics from the old ship: the ship’s clock, astrolabe, flag, wheel, and a cat o’ nine tails. Jack hasn’t moved any goods from the theft, promises to keep an eye out for crew’s stolen goods.
  • Party visits Madam Occula’s for their free psychic reading. Everyone gets their cards read, except for Foubert who instead asks for a chicken dinner.
Return to Ransom


  • Group buys new gear immediately upon return to Ransom
  • Warehouse check – everything is quiet in Ransom
  • Rotate out the crew in the warehouse, put in new members since the old ones have been there so long
  • Sent message to Hargast asking for a meeting
  • Group spread more rumors about Spooky Island
  • Group learned that Kendyl Howlings is the new Daywatch Captain, the old one – Solomon Oldham – died from poisoning
  • Group learned that a Captain Victor Malice is going to be executed tomorrow for piracy against Ransom, but he has never revealed the location of his secret trove
  • Gerard “Gerry” has an epic flirt fail with Kendyl when he tries to learn more about Oldham’s death
  • Gerard looks into deathveil herb/cultist link
  • Boomer sets up a workshop in Toven’s old warehouse so she doesn’t burn the ship down to the waterline
  • Foubert learned that Oldham was running a protection racket with businesses around Ransom, most likely the reason he was killed
  • Group decides to resurrect Malice once he is killed and then find out where his treasure is
  • Foubert snuck into jail to talk to Victor Malice, totally boned his mission, Malice didn’t want to be saved since he was the one that handed himself in
  • Sandrine and Gerard go to the hanging the next day to see what is up
  • Farnsworth, the wizard, tells them that just as he is about to be hung, Malice transformed into a dragon and flew off
  • No one else saw it happen – group learns that Malice must have cast an illusion over the crowd but Farnsworth is so old and crusty of a magi that he resisted the spell
  • Group met with Hargast at midnight
  • Northern ports not sending out news as often as before
  • Hargast gave the group a mission – Silas Bannister, the oldest son of Eleanor, is still alive. He was sold into slavery by Evangeline and its believed he’s still alive in the Port of Flesh.
  • As the group heads back to their boat for the evening, they are attacked by a group of cultists
  • They’re after Gerard, they have been told by Theria (his goddess) that Gerard needs to die
  • Gerard is the avatar of Theria and she wants her power back
  • Group is going to take him to Port of Flesh and sell him into slavery there as punishment for being a dumbass cultist
I Ran, I Ran So Far Away...

Open Ocean

  • Boomer hears a child’s voice on the ocean asking for help
  • Leads them to a stranded whale calf who was trapped in a cove by the storm
  • Calf tells Boomer that the Great Mother told her to ask Boomer for help
  • Group frees the calf and she returns to her pod
  • Group harvests some lumber from the island for Hush


  • Group checks in on Hush Island
  • Recruit two new members, Peter Kidd and Buford the Bull
  • All is well on Hush but watchmen report a salvage ship passing close to the island

Open Ocean

  • PCs head back to Ransom, meet the salvage ship on the way out
  • The ship, The Flock of Seagulls, is in the area to raise up the wreckage of The Coup de Grace
  • Brothers Alastair and Mike Score are co-captains of this vessel
  • They keep getting attacked by Kelplings when they try to raise the ship
  • They want help getting the wreckage off the sea floor, they aren’t fighters
  • They set terms of 50/50 split on treasure from the wreckage
  • The Score brothers start pulling up wreckage, PCs fight off waves of Kelplings
  • The group nets a large group of Kelplings, while PCs are fighting other Kelplings, Buford bludgeons netted Kelplings with his club
  • Mating pair of Kelplings were using the wreckage as a nesting spot, group destroys eggs
  • Group tries to rip off Score Brothers, they get told off and are only given a treasure map and 5k gold

Open Sea

  • A violent storm hits the boat and it is hours before you make land fall. The ship has taken quite a bit of damage.
  • The PCs stay on the beach to repair the ship which will take a few days
  • Watch report that there are wild halflings living on the island
  • Foubert sneaks out to meet with this fellow halflings
  • They take Foubert to their village where he sees they worship a god of many ears, Foomfa
  • Foubert meets their leader Tago Vuruntha, a strange man who wants Foubert to leave the island immediately
  • Tago is not a wild halfling and is using these people as his power base to live a pampered lifestyle as their chieftain
  • Foubert sees Dr. Harry Jones, explorer extraordinaire, tied up in a cage in the village
  • Jones is going to be sacrificed to their volcano by order of Tago
  • Foubert goes back to the ship, explains the situation on the island and wants help freeing “his people”
  • Foubert gets his ear necklace out, has Boomer make him some body glitter and becomes their god Foomfa
  • Foubert easily dupes the wild halflings who believe him to be their god
  • Foubert & PCs battle Giant Centipedes on their way up to the volcano
  • At the volcano, Tago reveals himself to be a Rakshasa who took the form of a halfling to live with these people
  • Group kills him, frees Dr. Jones and agrees to give him a ride back to Ransom
Cleanse Your Taint!


  • Group arrives in Terebellum, is greeted by Grorst, an old paladin
  • He shows them to the Dread Citadel where his brother, Issachar is dread captain
  • Issachar and Dread Sister Colleen help the group to cleanse themselves of the dark magic that the relic from Thorne has created for them
  • Colleen takes them to the Chamber of Blessing and makes the PCs enter a dream state where they must battle their demons
  • The awake in an empty room that appears to be the same room they were just in, but when they leave the room, they are standing in front of a tavern
  • The tavern is filled with people they know from their adventures, crew members, enemies, etc
  • All the tavern patrons are surly and angry with them
  • When they attempt to leave the tavern, all patron turn into zombies and attack
  • After the tavern they enter a room with the table puzzle, group successfully figures out the puzzle (Candle)
  • Foubert sneaks into next room, discovers “Blood Stairs to the Death Room” as he called it
  • Thorne is in the room on a throne, attacks with her zombies
  • Group leaves Thorne’s temple room, and enters a thick jungle
  • They can smell the sea air so they search for the shore and find a large ship
  • They take the boat out into the ocean and are attacked by a Kraken
  • The group defeats the Kraken but their ship is destroyed, they have to swim to a nearby island
  • Nearby island has a church on it
  • Church looks beautiful on the outside, inside it is dark and has stained glass windows depicting Gerard’s dark misdeeds of the past
  • Stain glass windows are shattered by cultists breaking in, attack PCs
  • PCs exit church after the fight, find themselves in a carpenter’s workshop where they see the masthead of the Thunderblow
  • Masthead fights them, PCs prevail
  • Group wakes up in the Chamber of Blessing again, the evil magics are now gone from them, their crew and their ship
Storm Warnings!

• weather is very bad, seas are rough
• Mast breaks, sails are on fire
• Antwan Boyd injured, Wallace Bell dead
• Gerard prayed to his god, got a hot poker in his eye
• Natural lore roll, group landed in Ransom successfully w/o further injury or damage
• Foubert goes to warehouse to check on the crew left there (mostly he just wanted to see
• storm has lasted a week, people couldn’t evac it hit so fast
• Omen: Kurt saw ritual murders
• Group goes to find Guard Howling
• Killer named Ellis Malcom Reid confessed to starting the ritual
• Gerard went to interrogate him
• Summoned elementals after last ritual killing was done
• Ancient book Reid got the spell from is in an unknown language
• Group seeks out Simona Rosen, curiousity shop owner that might be able to help them
translate it
• Rosen is unable to translate but gives them a stone to locate the book’s duplicate
• Toven Black has the other book
• Foubert sneaks into Toven’s warehouse and finds translated version of the book
• Group fights two storm drakes in lighthouse, undo ritual and break up the storm
• Kendyll makes sure the group is rewarded by Hargast for stopping the storm
• Group spread Spooky Island rumors
• Toven picked up stakes, warehouse is empty
• 3 months of provisions are found in his warehouse
• Omar (Harbor Master in Ransom) hasn’t seen Toven leave port
• Group finds a secret pirate cove under Toven’s warehouse that he used to sneak out of town
• Group set sail for Terebellum to get cursed relic destroyed

To Blackwatch!

• went to Blackwatch, met with the fence Shannon Tattersail
• wanted to buy wood, but it was all tied up for the King’s projects, and purchases were not
going through Shannon as they usually would
• Shannon introduced us to Seamus Moriarty, the court spy; he said the King’s top advisor
Nicholas Grant is “not himself” lately, been handing with a new member of the court Veda
• Sandrine used disguise (with bonus halfling bustle, and lack of personal dignity) to get into
court and talk to simpering fops, met Grant and pissed off Veda
• Veda is an evil oracle bitch working for Evangeline
• Wood is being kept under heavy guard in Keep/King’s private port
• Veda lit the marketplace on fire, we had an EPIC GRAPPLE FIGHT, then she escaped
• Moriarty helped group secure the wood shipment, made Foubert pee his pants by being super

Open Sea
• Boomer heard singing on the ocean, told crew it was sirens

Hush “Spooky Island”
• Dropped off wood shipment for harbor master
• Party worked at making the island “haunted”
◦ disguised The Daring Do as a ghost ship to patrol the island
◦ Boomer invented “chemical fog”, formaldehyde, chem lights
◦ made reefs, skeletons everyone, fog, green glow
◦ set up cannons on the port, put on rails so you can move them
◦ Boomer made a stink oil for Foubert

Cultists in Ransom

• Verity returns to her family
• Hargast pays group 10k gold for returning Verity safely
• Hargast tells group that Evangeline is Eleanor’s daughter from a previous marriage
• Group receives note from Wren to come to his shop for payment, group gets 1,600 gold from
fenced goods
• Group wants to sell more goods with Wren, weapons, ivory, 1/2 of spirits, furs
• Wren asks group to make a delivery for him with a 20% payment for them
• Delivery is in Blackwatch to his contact Shanon Tattersail, stolen ingots with Ransom Stamp
• Gerard does more research into guard poisonings, Deathveil was used
• Gerard’s flashback of being in a religious building with an alter, Deathveil incense, chanting,
ugly statue and winged dagger symbol
• Howlings asks for his help into the other 2 guard deaths that happened, said she would get
him samples and visit the boat tomorrow

The Bannister Girl

Open Sea
• Group hijacks large cargo vessel, formerly the Wanton Woman
• 9 crewmen on this ship
• All crewmen agree to sign on with the group except 2
• One is a hardass who turns out to be a Visceral, group decapitates him after he won’t succumb
to torture
• The other, Eddie, doesn’t know much except that Evangeline killed the original captain of the
ship, group kills him after he learns too much from them inadvertently
• Fine fabrics, threads, ivory, furs, spices, weapons, wines, spirits, illegal drugs (Flash)
• Flash is very addictive and easy to overdose on, group keeps some for possible poison use

• Drake Van Durgen is the old quartermaster of the Wanton Woman, agrees to be the harbor
master for Hush
• Van Durgen gives the group a shopping list for Hush to be able to redo their ships
• Van Durgen tells group about using the Scarlet Hen and Golden Goddess in Ransom as a way
to spread the word about Hush being cursed
• Also tells them to get wood from Blackwatch, but it will be expensive
• Group finds Verity Bannister in a secret hold, help nurse her back to health
• Verity is Eleanor’s daughter, she was kidnapped by Evangeline


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